Wednesday, 11 September 2013

More sewing

Hi, Tracy (AKA Mom) here to show some more of my American Girl doll sewing.  This week I was quite sick but in between napping and taking medicine, I managed to make my first pair of jeans.  They are far from perfect, but I think they came out ok.  Today Saige is here to model the clothes:

"Hi everyone!"

At Liv's request, I distressed the jeans, although since they were made from stretch denim (they were recycled jeans of mine) they didn't distress quite the way I wanted them to.
These jeans (a Liberty Jane pattern) have real pockets!
We pulled Saige's top up a bit to show the detailing on the jeans:
Oops! Blurry feet!
My first outfit!
Then after I was feeling better I made this top which came together super-fast.  I think this ikat fabric is perfect for Saige, who is from Albuquerque.  I found it in the remnant section of the fabric store.

Shirt made from a Liberty Jane pattern
The whole ensemble

"Thanks for stopping by our blog!"

Saturday, 7 September 2013

Second drawstring dress

Penny wanted a new dress too, and there was some cute fabric in the craft room, so...

Penny loves how the boots from her meet outfit look with this new dress.

Although Saige's dress looks cute with a skinny waistband, Penny and Sophie love the wide pink ribbon on this dress.

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Saige wandered into my mom's craft room

...and came out with a new dress!

This dress brings out the turquoise in her eyes!
I hear it was easy to make and only took an hour or so.

Drawstring dress pattern from Liberty Jane
The pattern is free at Pixie Faire, so if you want to make this dress, check out the free pattern here.

looking forward to our next sewing project!

Monday, 2 September 2013

What we got at the American Girl Store in Boston

Here are the opening videos that show what we got:

I got more than Sophie because I had money left over from my birthday in June.  We have to buy our own dolls with our own money, but when we save enough for a doll, our parents buy us one item (an outfit or a set of accessories) for our new doll when we buy it.  Also, because we went to an actual AG store, our parents bought us each one piece of furniture for our doll rooms (a lot of furniture is not available to order in Canada)

 My unboxing video:

(I bought everything except the vanity and the sparkle dress - I had to borrow $14 to get the horse!)

Sophie's unboxing video:
(she bought the doll herself, our parents bought the table and the sparkle dress for her)

We will review these items once we use them for awhile :)

Introducing Marie and Penny

We were excited to set up our first photo shoot with our new dolls, so here it is:

First Sophie set up her Baking Table and treats by the school scene background.
Caroline and Penny and the school bake sale
yummy goodies from the Baking Table set
Caroline has the most beautiful blue eyes!
Sophie wanted Penny to have braces so I gave her a set from my Healthy Smiles set
Penny, Caroline, and their pets

Then I set up Saige and Marie and Picasso (my new OG horse)

Marie meets Saige and Picasso
Rembrandt and Pepper join Saige and Marie
Our AG family has grown!
Sisters and friends forever

And a slideshow with lots more photos:

Clothing: Saige wore her Sparkle Dress set, Caroline wore the Sparkle Party Dress set, Penny wore her meet outfit, and Marie wore her meet outfit skirt and boots with the American Girl Boston store t-shirt.

Our visit to the Boston AG Store!

Warning: There are a lot of pictures in this post!

This Labour Day weekend we took a road trip to Boston and while we were there we got to go shopping and eat lunch at the American Girl store!  We were so excited!  Sophie and I had been saving up for AG stuff since June, and we did lots and lots of chores to save enough to buy new dolls!

Here I am after cashing in my money for US dollars!

We got to the store before it opened so we had time for a quick trip to Target to check out the Our Generation stuff.  I bought a horse that I'll use as Picasso (I think the American Girl version is too much money) at Target, and my sister bought a pet dog for her doll.

We still got back to the AG store 15 minutes before it opened, so we had to drool in the windows and wait for it to open!  My dad took these pictures of us before we went in:

Waiting for the store to open
Any minute now!
Here they come to open the doors!
We're going to be the first ones in!
"Good morning ladies"
Pictures in Saige's hot air balloon 

I had to check out Saige's stuff first.  Here are the pics I took:

The hot air balloon is so cute, and Remrandt was so cute I changed my mind about Coconut and got him instead!
Saige, Saige, everywhere!
I was planning to get her sweater outfit but when I saw the Sparkle dress, I changed my mind and got it instead
Ooooh, art supplies!

Then I checked out the rest of the store:

Caroline and Garnet
Molly and Emily 
My mom loves this table
Good night!
So fancy!
Ivy looks like my sister!
Josephina had a goat
A powder blue bug!
We'll miss you, Molly & Emily!
We picked up Kit, her accessories, and her dog for our friend Lorelai
Upstairs Sophie touched every doll's hair, looking for the perfect My AG Doll.

All this shopping made us hungry!

Pretty pink tables and booths!
Dad and Caroline know what they want
Our menus 
Dining with Saige!
They gave our dolls little cups and saucers.  No food though!
My sister and Caroline
Our Cheesy macaroni and cheese came with little flags.  It was too cheesy though!
There was a little box of questions to ask each other while we waited for food

The pretzel bites were delicious!

We had a lot of fun at the store!  Our personal shopper, Carol was really nice and helpful and helped my sister pick out her doll.  She wanted to touch the hair of every doll in the store.  When she finally came to #57, she says "I touched her hair and I fell in love with her!"

I already knew what I wanted and as soon as I laid eyes on Marie (#56), I knew I was taking her home.  I did make a few changes to my plan though.  I got Rembrandt instead of Coconut and I got Saige's Sparkle dress (I thought it wasn't available until October!) instead of her sweater set.  I'm really happy with what I got and mom will be posting our opening videos next.